What if I pulled discolored water into my hot water tank?

If you are using hot water and see that it is discolored, we recommend that you stop using the water at that time. Following the steps described under Question 3, continue to check for discolored water using a cold-water spigot until you see that the water has cleared. At this point, you have a couple of different options. 

First, if you use hot water and see that it is still discolored, you can wait until the sediment settles in your tank (wait for a couple of hours if possible) before you check the hot water again. The sediment in the discolored water will eventually settle to the bottom of the tank. Please note that if you continue to use the hot water even though it is discolored, it will only keep the sediment stirred in the tank rather than allowing it to settle. The sediment can be removed later on by flushing your hot water tank (it is recommended that a hot water tank be flushed annually). If you do not know how to properly flush your hot water tank, you can hire a professional to help you in this process. 

The second option is to flush your hot water tank the day that the discolored water is drawn into the tank. This would need to be completed only after you ensure that the water coming from a cold-water spigot in your home is clear; you would not want to re-fill your tank with discolored water if the water has not yet settled in the water main.

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