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Posted on: April 9, 2021

BPU Dual Meter Program Discontinued

This is a picture of a dual meter.

The BPU Dual Meter Program has been discontinued.

Designed to save money for BPU water and wastewater customers, the program rented meters that attached to the exterior spigot of a residence on one end and the customer's water hose at the other end.  The customer paid a reduced fee on wastewater for the months that the dual meter was in use for outside work such as watering gardens or putting in new lawns.  The fee on wastewater was lowered using the dual meter so that the customer did not get charged for water that was soaking into the ground instead of being treated as wastewater.

Upon evaluation, results showed that the service did not save enough money to make the meter rental economical for the majority of participating customers, leading to the elimination of the program.

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