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Posted on: March 9, 2021

BPU Assigned Garbage Container Program Details

This picture illustrates how a garbage container is lifted into a truck in another City.

Approximately 14,000 Board of Public Utilities garbage containers have been delivered to each Solid Waste account holder at no extra charge to customers.  

If your container arrived with what may appear to be a crooked lid, please leave the container out in the sun and in 2-3 days the lid should fit well.  Some lids may appear crooked as a result of storage when the containers were stacked on top of each other for several weeks.

The containers are designed to be rolled by one employee to a garbage truck where a mechanical tipper empties the container into the truck.  One employee drives the vehicle, while the other employee handles the containers.  No new trucks are needed; our current vehicles have been outfitted with the mechanical tippers.  A second mechanical tipper is being added to each truck to make the process more efficient.

The Jamestown City Code requires customers to place garbage in a closed container.  In response to this regulation and to customer requests, the BPU developed this program to provide containers at no charge to customers.  In addition, streets appear cleaner and tidier without garbage strewn about neighborhoods by animals and birds that open garbage bags left at the curbs.  Our employees suffer fewer injuries through this program as they no longer touch used needles and sharps that often poke through plastic garbage bags left at the curb.  In addition, injuries due to repetitive lifting will be avoided.

The new containers is owned by the BPU, much as the orange RFID recycling bins are owned by the utility and assigned to each home.  Customers should place garbage in plastic bags and place them into their containers and close the lid.  Customers may use markers to label their containers with addresses to help keep track of which container is assigned to their residences.

The video below illustrates how the mechanical tippers empty garbage into trucks.  The photograph is from another City.  

The latest version of our Garbage Container Program Frequently Asked Questions is posted here to describe the program.   FAQs in English  FAQs in Spanish

For more information, call the BPU Garbage Hotline at 661-1651, Communications at 661-1680 and Customer Service at 661-1660.

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