Porter Service

Enhanced Garbage & Recycling Pickup for Eligible Handicapped Customers 

The BPU provides enhanced solid waste and recycling pickup for residential customers that are unable to place their garbage at the curb due to a documented physical condition. Porter service is the collection of items from a designated area near the front or side of the home. Designated area must be visible from the street where employees do not pass through doorways or gates.

To be eligible for participation, customers must provide the solid waste department with appropriate medical documentation in the form attached. Eligibility for enhanced pick-up will not exceed the time stated in the medical documentation. Approval will be valid for up to two years. After two years, documentation will need to be resubmitted. Porter service is available in the City of Jamestown solid waste territory only and will not be available in the optional solid waste territories including but not limited to Kiantone, Busti, Fluvanna and Ellicott areas.

Residents may request a form by calling the Garbage Hotline. Upon approval, their recycling will be collected from a designated area. The bin will be scanned by the employee if it is in the designated pick-up area.