Residential Recycling Credit Program

Using Advanced Technology to Stabilize Rates

Recycle & earn a credit on your Solid Waste rate. if you don't recycle during a billing period, you are required to pay full price.Orange Recycling Bin 

How Does the BPU RFID Recycling Bin Program Work (RRCP)?

Each orange recycling bin has a Radio Frequency Identification Chip (RFID) that is programmed directly to the customer’s own Solid Waste account at that residence. The bin is similar to a “meter” for the home and the assigned bin number is listed as a solid waste meter on the back of the billing statement.

The BPU recycling trucks are outfitted with RFID readers. As the recycling employee tips the recycling bin into the truck, the RFID reader captures the information. Unlike a barcode, the tag does not need to be within the line of sight of the reader, so it may be embedded in a tracked object. RFID is an efficent way to automatically identify and capture participation data. 

The scanning process ties the customer’s recycling participation directly to the their residential Solid Waste account. In this way, the credit is automatically applied each month to all accounts that participated one or more times during their billing period. 

  • A customer who recycles with their assigned orange bin during a billing period will receive the $11 recycling credit on that billing statement. 
  • A customer who does not recycle with their assigned orange bin during a particular billing period will not receive the credit on that billing statement..

Why Does the BPU Require Customers to Recycle?

Recycling is New York State law. This program was designed to incentivize our residents to recycle more. Through the RRCP program, we have increased our average recycling participation level from 35 to 60 percent.  Sections 224-1 through 224-7 of City Code make recycling mandatory within the City of Jamestown. See Garbage and Recycling Guidelines for more information. Customers who choose not to participate in the RRCP must recycle by another means.

In addition, the BPU seeks to keep Solid Waste rates stable for all residents through this program. The more recyclables removed from the garbage stream, the less the BPU pays to dispose of garbage loads at the County Landfill. Plus, it is the right thing to do.

Who Can Participate in the Residential Recycling Credit Program (RRCP) ?

Residential solid waste customers of the BPU are eligible to participate in the Residential Recycling Credit Program. Participating customers must place recyclable materials at the curb with their garbage using the (orange) BPU recycling container provided for that purpose. Customers who recycle, with their assigned bin, within a billing period will receive a recycling credit on their monthly bill. Participation is tracked through the use of the assigned orange bin at the assigned address only. Credit will not be issued for the use of alternate containers, bins assigned to other customers or for the usage of bins at the wrong address.

Customers who regularly participate in the RRCP, but will be out of town and unable to recycle for two or more billing periods, may receive the recycling credit during their absence by completing and submitting a "Statement Attesting to Being Away from Property."  Customers who do not regularly participate in the program will not be entitled to the credit during times of absence.

Orange recycling bins are the property of the Jamestown BPU. If the original bin is lost, stolen or damaged, customers can contact the Garbage Hotline to request a replacement bin. The replacement bin is programmed and delivered directly to the residence and the bin processing fee is applied to their next garbage bill.

Extra Blue-Colored Recycling Bins Available for Sale 

Extra blue bins may be purchased at BPU Customer Service for overflow recycling.In response to customer requests, the BPU offers recycling bins that are the same size as our orange bins to hold or store recyclables. The bins are for sale in our  BPU Customer Service Office, 92 Steele Street, Jamestown, at the price of $15 each. Customers should keep in mind that the blue recycling bins are not chipped with RFID tags. Therefore, recyclables placed in these blue bins cannot be used to earn the recycling credit.