Back-Lot Program

New System Improvement Program

The BPU is launching a new reliability and distribution system improvement program. Recently, the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) approved an addition to the Utility’s RIDER No. 5 program that will provide financial support to assist customers in relocating their electric services that previously were fed from back-lot infrastructure.  

What changes will be made?

Typically, back-lot infrastructure includes pole, wire and service lines located behind houses. These poles and electric lines must be accessible to our employees for reliability, safety and continuation of service.  In many areas of the territory, to meet these priorities, the distribution equipment will be relocated to provide service from the street side. 

Do customers need to do anything to participate?

The BPU will select specific areas for the program over a multi-year period and will directly contact those customers that will be affected by the relocation work to provide information about the RIDER No. 5  Back-Lot Relocation Program.   Click here for more information.