Electric Tampering

Tampering is when an electric meter has been unsealed by anyone who does not have permission from the Board of Public Utilities (BPU) to do so.

Examples include:

  • A customer moving a meter from one residence to another
  • A customer turning power on after being disconnected by the utility
  • A customer turning the power on at a new residence

When Electric Tampering Is Discovered

The BPU will remove the meter, install a blank, and barrel lock the meter channel. If the meter is for a one-customer dwelling, an electric line truck will disconnect service at the pole as well. A report will be filed with the police for theft of service, if applicable.

Power Restoration After Electric Tampering

The owner of the building will need to complete a New / Upgrade Residential Service (PDF) application and return it to the BPU. Please make sure the “Customer Information” section is filled out with owner’s information. The “Electric Service Information” section should be completed with existing information for the building in which the tampering occurred. The owner must sign the document in order to process it.

The BPU will send a representative to look at the service. The representative will decide if the service is eligible to be restored or not. If it is eligible and all of the tampering and past due fees have been paid, the electric will be restored for the customer. If the service is not eligible for restoration, a new one must be installed and inspected.

Please note, that within the City of Jamestown, a licensed electrician is required for all electrical work. View the City Code for more information on this topic.

Tampering Fees

A $50 tampering fee will be added to the customer’s account any time tampering is discovered. If an electric line truck disconnects power at the pole, the fee will include a charge for the time for the truck.

Tampering Fee Responsibility

The customer of record at the time the tampering occurred will be responsible for all fees. These fees follow the customer and not the address.

Water Tampering

Tampering with BPU water meters and related water supply equipment for the purpose of obtaining water without the permission of the BPU, is illegal and has a high cost to the BPU and its Water Division customers. The BPU has implemented policies and procedures to detect, prevent and deter such tampering.

Tampering Fees

The customer of record will be responsible to pay a minimum fee of $250 for a first tampering or theft of service offense and a minimum fee of $500 for each additional offense.

Water Tampering Resources

View Water Services Provisions (PDF) for more information on Water Tampering.