Dual Water Meter Program

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) residential water and wastewater customers who use a lot of water outside the home in spring and summer months may save money by participating in our Dual Meter Program.

About the Dual Water Meter Program

Your water meter is used to determine charges for wastewater. Most of the water used in your home eventually flows into a sanitary sewer. Water used to shower, wash clothes and flush the toilet, for example, flows into the sewer. Therefore, your BPU bill has two separate rates for water and wastewater.

Water that is used outside to water lawns, however, typically does not end up in the sewers. As a result, if you use a lot of outside water, you pay wastewater charges for water that ultimately does not end up in the sanitary sewer.

In an effort to save you money, the BPU allows the installation of a dual meter that attaches to an outside house spigot on one end and to a garden hose on the other end. When your water and wastewater bill comes, the wastewater rate will only be charged on water that is used inside the house.

Starting the Program

The BPU Dual Meter Program generally runs in monthly increments from May 1 to September 30. An initial deposit of $50 is required when the customer picks up the meter. The deposit will be refunded to the customer’s water account after the program ends on September 30 and after the dual water has been returned in good working order to the BPU Customer Service office.

To qualify for the program, a customer must have both water and wastewater service through the BPU. Due to a limited number of dual meters, only one meter is allowed per residential customer.

The customer’s water account will be charged a fee of $7.50 for the first month the customer has the dual meter. The customer will be charged $2 for each month beyond the first month that the dual meter is used. At the end of the program, the customer’s wastewater credit will be calculated and applied to the wastewater account.

Returning the Meter

Customers with dual meters must return the meter to BPU Customer Service by a certain date in October which is provided in information distributed with each dual meter. Deposits and any wastewater credit earned may be forfeited if the meter is not returned or if the meter is damaged.

Residential water/wastewater customers who accumulate a wastewater credit of more than eight units per month (eight units by 748 gallons equals 5,984 gallons per month) find this program most helpful. Residential customers who are watering a newly planted lawn or doing extensive landscaping should save money using a dual meter.

For More Information

Residential dual meters are available at the BPU Customer Service Office each spring, beginning in May. For information, call the Customer Service Office.