Why We Flush Mains

Flushing of the Jamestown water distribution system accomplishes several things:

  • By systematically opening hydrants and allowing the water to run full force, the utility flushes out minerals, sediment and corrosion products that have settled in the mains.
  • Flushing mains serves as an opportunity for the operators to perform valve and hydrant inspections for optimal fire protection.
  • This process allows the utility to achieve greater flows through its mains.

Flushing Alternative

There is an alternative to flushing and that is to instill corrosion inhibiting chemicals in the water system. With the addition of chemicals to take the place of flushing, other problems arise.Man flushing fire hydrant main

First Problem

Each time you add a chemical to the water, you change the water's taste, odor, appearance and "mouth feel." The utility firmly believes in adding only the minimum of chlorine needed for disinfection and fluoride for tooth decay prevention.

Second Problem

The cost of water escalates because of the cost of the chemicals and monitoring. Flushing is performed, weather permitting, twice each year - in the spring and the fall.