Environmental Disclosure

Environmental Disclosure Statement

On December 15, 1998, the New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) directed all businesses subject to its jurisdiction that supply retail electric service to provide their customers with periodic environmental disclosure statements. The NYS Department of Public Service directive applies to all electric utilities, energy service companies (ESCOs), and jurisdictional municipal and electric cooperatives. The New York Power Authority and the Long Island Power Authority will participate on a cooperative basis.

It is the Public Service Department’s intention that every retail electric provider will disclose this information to its customers every six months. The Board of Public Utilities will include the Environmental Disclosure Label in its customer newsletter as directed by the New York State Department of Public Service.

Amount of Air Emissions Produced

The environmental disclosure label contains a breakdown of the fuel source of the power generated or purchased and the amount of air emissions that power generation or purchase caused during a specific period of time.

The label also includes each utility’s air emissions relative to the New York State average including the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon dioxide (CO2) given off by power generated and purchased.

Disclosure Label from Previous Years

The description of these fuel sources in the Disclosure Label Documents does not include the Board of Public Utilities (BPU’s) energy efficient heating system. The district heating system uses energy "twice," by utilizing steam from the power production rather than wasting this heat. This means that the BPU emissions are actually lower than reflected here for every unit of energy output because of its district heating system.