Street Light Concerns

Public street lighting in Jamestown, Celoron, Falconer and lighting districts in the Town of Ellicott have changed as new technology develops.  Mercury vapor lights were replaced by sodium vapor which are now rapidly being replaced with LEDs.

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) is responsible for more than 4,500 public street lights in 23 square miles.  These lights are on wooden utility poles as well as on metal decorative poles.

Reporting a Street Light Outage

Please report a street light outage or let us know if you notice malfunctioning street lights.  Such malfunctions may include lights that go on and off as well as the ones that do not light at all.

You may report a street light outage by filling out this form or by calling the Street Light Outage number, and following the prompts. Street light problems also may be reported in person at our Customer Service Office, 92 Steele Street, or by calling BPU Communications Coordinator.

A few things to consider when reporting an outage:

  • If the light you are reporting sits on a wooden utility pole,Lineman pointing to Power Pole Identification Number please provide the five digit number in orange and black that is attached to the pole.
  • If the light is on a decorative metal pole, such as the ones located in the Downtown Jamestown area, please give a detailed description of the location of the light.

New Street Lights

New public lights are added when authorized by the governing bodies of the communities served.

Request Street Lights

A request for a new light in the City should be made to your City Council member.  If a new light is approved by City Council, a notice will be sent to the BPU and a new light will be installed.

In the same way, to request a new light in a Village or Town that is served by BPU electricity, please notify your Village or Town Office.  Should the Village or Town administration approve your request, the municipality will ask the BPU to install the new light.

Off-street lighting

The BPU provides private lighting options for customers.


Please contact the BPU customer service office to discuss off-street lighting.