Winter Service

We remind customers who will be away from their homes all winter to request water shut-off before leaving your house. Winter temperatures in the Jamestown area often reach the frigid level, causing frost in the ground as deep as fifty-one inches below the surface. Sometimes these temperatures can cause frozen or broken water lines that result in water damage to your home.

Water Shut-off

If your home will be unoccupied from fall to spring, we suggest that you call our Customer Service Office and request a water shut-off appointment. We require that you or a representative be at the house when we come to do the work to verify that all water is stopped. Your home also should be drained by you or a plumber.

Reconnection Charge

The customer will be responsible to pay a reconnection charge upon reconnection of service when you return. In addition, you, the customer, continue to be responsible for payment of the basic service charges during this period of seasonal disconnection.

Watch Your Home

Ask a trusted friend, neighbor or relative to keep an eye on your home and be available in emergency situations. Give them access to your home so they can regularly monitor heating, electrical and water systems. Please provide our Customer Service Office with the name and phone number for your local representative, should a concern arise in your home while you are away.

Taking these steps now could help prevent problems when you return to your home after winter.