Provisions and Fees Applicable to All Customers

All water supplied by the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities shall be measured by meters installed, unless categorized as unmetered public service. All accounts will incur monthly basic service and consumption charges based on your service area or municipal district. 

  • Basic Service Charge is based on your water meter size. If your water meter is 1.5 inches or larger, a commercial basic service fee will be assessed accordingly. 
  • See the "Basic Service Charge per meter size" chart in your water district schedule of rates (PDF).
  • A Billing Unit is defined as "100 cubic feet of water" as measured by the meter and is equivalent to approximately 748 US gallons of water.
  • The Consumption Charge is the charge per billing unit of water consumed each month based on the actual or estimated meter readings.

A Basic Service Charge will be charged to all connections to the water system through which water service could be supplied, whether or not the service is active. An account will be placed in the name of the property owner in the event of vacancy at a service location. A property owner will not be responsible to pay the basic service charge if the owner decides to discontinue water service and enter into an abandonment contract with the BPU. See Provisions Applicable To All Consumers (PDF) 

Reconnection Charge

If water service is disconnected for non-payment, it will not be restored until all past due charges and a service reconnection charge are paid. The BPU has up to five days to restore water service.

  • Collection Fee: $25 If the customer's service is subject to disconnection and payment is received at the customer's premises.
  • Reconnection Charge: $50 during regular business hours
  • Seasonal Reconnection Charge: $50

Water Schedule of Rates

Service Area Residential
​ Basic Service Charge
​per month
​ Basic Service Charge
​per month
​Charge ​per
​ billing unit
​per month
City of Jamestown (PDF)
$4.43 $4.43 - $101.02 * $2.16
Town of Busti (PDF)
​Busti-Jamestown border
$8.86 $8.86 - $202.04 * $4.32
Town of Busti (PDF)
​Busti-Lakewood border
$17.53 $11.78 - $268.71 * $5.75 **
Town of Busti (PDF)
Orr St Ext to 5 corners in Busti
$9.30 $9.30 - $212.14 * $4.54
Town of Ellicott (PDF)
$8.86 $8.86 - $202.04 * $4.32
Town of Ellicott (PDF)
​ Orchard Rd
$9.30 $9.30 - $212.14 * $4.54
Town of Kiantone (PDF)
$6.65 $6.65 - 151.53 * $3.24
Town of N. Harmony (PDF)
$19.77 $13.29 - $303.06 * $6.48**
Town of N. Harmony (PDF) BOCES $13.29 $13.29 - $303.06 * $6.48
Village of Celoron (PDF)
$6.65 $6.65 - $151.53 * $3.24
Village of Falconer (PDF)
$8.86 $8.86 - $202.04 * $4.32
Village of Lakewood (PDF) $13.18 $8.86 - $202.04 * $4.32**

*  See the "Basic Service Charge per meter size" chart in your service area schedule of rates (PDF)
​** Applies to residential​ service only in excess​ of two (2) units