Schedule of Sanitation Rates

As of May 1, the BPU Solid Waste residential rate will be $20 per unit each month. Those customers who participate in the Residential Recycling Credit Program (RRCP) - by recycling using their orange recycling bins with radio frequency identification (rfid) tags - will receive a $10 credit on the monthly bill. In effect, customers who participate in the program will receive a $10 credit on their $20 fee, making their rate only $10 each month.

Landlords who pay Solid Waste charges for tenants, in multiple-unit housing, continue to pay $12.10 per residential unit.

A reduced rate for multiple-unit housing is available if the landlord wishes to pay sanitation charges for all units on one account.

Sanitation collection for commercial customers is now available call 661-1651 for information.

Multi-unit Housing Rates
1 - 5 units $12.10 per unit
6 - 10 units $14.65 plus $9.56 per unit
11 - 15 units $43.33 plus $6.39 per unit
16+ units $86.03 plus $3.85 per unit

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