Report a Street Lighting Issue

When reporting street light outages, please provide the five-digit pole number to BPU customer service personnel.

E-Mail to

Knowing the pole numbers of failed street lights helps the BPU linemen identify the reported lights, resulting in speedier repair service. Reflective orange BPU five-digit numbers have been placed on all BPU poles, making it easier for customers to find locations where street lights are not working. The letters “BPU” are beside each pole number.

New residential lights are added when authorized by the governing bodies of the communities served.

City of Jamestown residents, for instance, may request a street light by contacting their City Council representatives who take the appeal to the City Council Public Safety Committee. If the Public Safety Committee approves the request, the request is then forwarded to City Council for action.

Public street lighting in Jamestown, Celoron, Falconer and lighting districts in the Town of Ellicott has changed as new technology develops. Carbon arc lamps gave way to incandescent bulbs, then mercury vapor lamps were replaced by sodium vapor. Currently LED street lights are replacing sodium vapor lighting gradually throughout the territory.

The BPU is responsible for more than 4,100 street lights in 23 square miles. Street lights that turn off and on usually have a bad photo sensor and should be reported as broken, just as those that do not light at all. You may report a street light outage to the email below or call 661-1660 and follow the prompts. Street light problems also may be reported in person at our Customer Service Office, 92 Steele Street, or by telephone to BPU Communications at 661-1680.

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