New Residential Service or
Upgrade to Existing Residential Electric Service

Residential Service Classification – Individual loads = 5 KVA, Single Phase, 120/240 Volts, 3-Wire, = 200 Amps

1. Fill out an application for Residential Service -New/Upgrade Electric Service.
If you will be heating with electricity, determine the total square footage of the area to be heated, and fill out a Certificate of Compliance to Minimum Insulation Standards form. This pertains to both new services and conversion of existing service to electric heat.

2. Service Spot - Once we receive the completed application, a Jamestown Board of Public Utilities’ employee will spot the area and determine where the service will be connected to your home.

3. Permit - Jamestown Board of Public Utilities will issue a permit to the listed contractor, which will include the meter spot location. The permit must be presented to Electrical Inspector in order for the inspection to be completed.

4. Meter Socket & Hub - Once the spot is complete, it will be the customer's responsibility to purchase approved meter socket/hub(s). You will be able to obtain the equipment from your local electric supplier.

5. Electrical Inspection - Once the wiring is complete, an inspection must be performed by an electrical inspector certified by the local municipality*. You must make arrangements for the electrical inspection to be performed.

6. Certificate of Electrical Inspection - A Certificate of Electrical Inspection will be sent directly to us by the approved electrical inspector after the inspection is complete and has passed.*

7. Energize New Service – Upon receipt of the approved electrical inspection, we will schedule a service truck to energize the new service. Residential connections will be completed within 5 business days.

Temporary Services – If you are interested in a temporary service hookup, please fill out an application for New Electric Service or Upgrade to Existing Electric Service and check the Temporary Service box. A minimum $150.00 fee is required prior to service being energized. Additional charges may apply.

Access to Meters and Meter Maintenance – Customer is responsible for providing clear access to metering equipment, upkeep of meter socket/metering cabinet (excluding utility revenue metering equipment), and protection from damage of all metering equipment.

*A list of Approved Inspectors can be obtained by contacting the Local Municipality:
  • City of Jamestown¹:
    Mike Gleason, Gleason Enterprises Electrical Inspections, PH: (716) 338-7108
    John Christopher Dean III, Dean Electrical Inspections, PH: (716) 224-0700,
  • Town of Ellicott:
    David Rowe, Code Enforcement Officer, PH: (716) 665-5317 ext. 209,
  • Village of Falconer:
    Alan Gustafson, Code Enforcement Officer, PH: (716) 665-4400,
  • Village of Celoron:
    Robert Burkholder, Code Enforcement Officer, PH: (716) 487-4175,

¹A Licensed Electrician is required for all electrical work within the City of Jamestown, except for owner-occupied 1 or 2 family dwellings. Please review Jamestown Board of Public Utilities “Wiring Rules & Requirements” for additional information.

Please review Jamestown Board of Public Utilities “Wiring Rules & Requirements” for additional information

All temporary service connections must be reported to the Utility by calling (716) 661-1642 and will be required to have the inspection process completed within 3 working days. Any unreported or expired connection will be considered theft of service, disconnected immediately, subject to a reconnection fee, and reported to the governing municipality.

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