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Jamestown Board of Public Utilities
Anderson Precision, Inc. Sign Flex Rate Agreement

Signing a Flex Rate Agreement between Anderson Precision, Inc. and the Jamestown BPU are (front row, left to right: BPU Chair John Zabrodsky, Jamestown Mayor and BPU President Sam Teresi, Anderson Precision Co-owner and Vice President David Archer and BPU General Manager David Leathers. Pictured back row, l-r, are Anderson Precision Supply Chain Manager Brian Zampogna and BPU Key Accounts Representative Trenton Lutes.

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) and local employer Anderson Precision, Inc. today signed a “Flex Rate Agreement” to lower the company’s energy expenses.

The Flex rate plan takes effect on April 1, 2015, and extends through October 31, 2018.

The BPU’s Flex Rate Program is an economic development tool used by the utility to assist area companies by slightly reducing electric costs, in exchange for a manufacturer’s pledge to invest in its local facility and work force.

“Established in 1891, Anderson Precision, Inc. is now owned by President Steven Godfrey and his partner David Archer who work to oversee day to day operations of the company,” said David L. Leathers, BPU General Manager. “Anderson is a major electricity customer and we need to do what we can to maintain its stability in our region.”

Anderson Precision President Steven Godfrey stated, “Both our ownership and our management team are local residents with a vested interest in advancing the reputation of both Jamestown and the greater Chautauqua County area as great places to live, work and conduct business. The SC-6 rate will allow Anderson Precision to better compete with both domestic and foreign businesses.”

“The nature of our business requires us to compete on a global basis, so it is exciting and necessary to get this type of support from the BPU and the community,” adds Co-owner David Archer. Anderson Precision actively engages in the manufacturing of precision, turned metal components for use in the automotive, heavy truck, firearm and electric motor businesses.

The company currently provides full-time employment with full benefits and wages above the county average to a monthly employee count of 100 people. Anderson Precision officials note that they are committed to keeping highly skilled people employed and living in the local area in order to increase the overall economy and to encourage other manufacturers to locate operations in the community. Anderson Precision expects to increase its average monthly headcount in the coming year by three full-time employees.

Anderson Precision operates three shifts with the majority of people working on first shift. Second shift is a small crew of twenty people. Third shift is a swing shift consisting of an average of three people. The company operates twenty-four hours per day, five days per week.

Anderson Precision has demonstrated a strong record of annual capital investments. Over the past three years, the company has added seventeen Davenport five-spindle automatic screw machines, three single spindle Star CNC machines, two Sunnen honing machines and large amounts of gaging equipment. A new gaging system has been networked as well as a top of the line Durr Ecoclean parts washer that has reduced water usage and improved part cleanliness. An inspection room that created seven new full-time positions and offices were created in a former cold storage area. Investments in the IT infrastructure also have been made.

In an effort to be a good neighbor, Anderson points out that the entire facility has been re-lamped with energy efficient T8 Fluorescent lamps and outside with downward facing LEDs to reduce neighborhood light pollution.

“We believe that reducing energy costs through our inclusion in the BPU SC-6 rate program will enable us to continue to compete and bring work from outside Chautauqua County to Jamestown,” said Godfrey. “The Flex Rate program contributes to the long run benefit of job creation which grows the residential tax base and makes Jamestown a more vibrant community in which to live.”

“We understand that 99 percent of the products manufactured here at Anderson Precision are sold to businesses located outside of the Greater Jamestown area,” emphasized Jamestown Mayor and BPU President Sam Teresi. “We are proud to assist a Jamestown company as they work hard to succeed in global markets.” BPU Board Chair John Zabrodsky said, “Anderson Precision, Inc. competes internationally with firms located in lower cost countries such as Mexico and China. Reducing the cost of electricity is critical to the continued success of Anderson Precision.”


The BPU installed its first bi-directional electric meter on July 31 on Magnolia Avenue, W.E.

The New York State Education and Research Authority (NYSERDA) now offers rebates to BPU electric customers who install solar, making solar more financially worthwhile. Prior to the rebates, BPU rates were too low to make solar installations affordable in our territory. The BPU developed policies approximately two years ago for net-metering for home electric production such as solar and wind.

According to Dan Reynolds, BPU energy efficiency coordinator, NYSERDA rebates 70 cents/watt of capacity installed. The Magnolia Street meter is designed for 4.6 kilowatts.

Pictured from left are Craig Knorr, Solar Liberty employee; Tom Meara, homeowner; Chris Rodgers, BPU transmission and distribution manager/engineer; George Erickson, BPU electric service technician; Chris Flatau, Solar Liberty employee; and Dan Reynolds, BPU energy-effiency coordinator; during the installation of the bi-directional meter at Meara’s home.

Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) employees and major donors met Wednesday, July 29th, to celebrate a new record amount raised by the community during the 2015 BPU “Cents for St. Susan’s” campaign.

The BPU fund drive result this year totals $17,410 to benefit St. Susan Center, surpassing the 2014 record total of $17,260.

The 2015 contributions bring the cumulative amount raised, in fifteen years of BPU campaigns, to $160,118.55.The soup kitchen is located at 31 Water Street in the Gateway Center Building.

You can read the press release here.


Please slow down around work zones to protect the safety of employees as well as other vehicles and pedestrians who may be in the area of a work project.

Employees set up caution zones to alert drivers to take care when driving past work that takes place in or near a street.

However, some drivers choose to ignore the warnings and speed by.

In some cases, traffic proceeds down a closed street even though signs and cones indicate that a street is closed.

No driver wants to receive a traffic ticket or, worse, to cause the injury of a BPU worker.

Employees are authorized to report unsafe driving behavior to police.

Traffic tickets have been given for reckless driving in a work zone. Please “slow down to go around.”

Poster BPU’s Yard Waste Site Hours.

Jamestown BPU Feature Article

A picture of the BPU’s LM6000 gas turbine.

The BPU’s LM6000 gas turbine has returned to work, creating electricity for BPU customers, after a two-month overhaul in Alberta, Canada.

The gas turbine is used to produce electricity at the BPU’s Samuel A. Carlson Power Plant, and to produce heat for the utility District Heating system. The turbine must be serviced every 25,000 hours of operation. Without the gas turbine in place, the BPU still can generate electricity and District Heating with back-up natural gas boilers.

The BPU no longer uses coal as a fuel to create electricity.

The pictures show part of the process of placing the natural gas turbine back into service at the Power Plant.

Energy Efficiency Programs

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JamestownUpClose.com launches
“Share Your City”

By connecting and sharing information about Jamestown and its attractions and accommodations, the community can work together and be advocates of their city and attract tourism into our streets, shops, restaurants, and attractions. Let’s help put Jamestown on the map.

To Share Your City, please connect with Jamestown Up Close on Facebook, on Twitter @JTownUpClose, join our website mailing list, and write a letter or send a post card from Jamestown.Start by visiting Jamestownupclose.com

BPU Online Account Access and Payment Options

BPU Customers may pay bills online with e-checks, debit cards and credit cards. Once registered for the service, customers also may access account information such as meter readings, consumption history and past bills.

Customers may register for online access to their accounts by logging in at https://account.jamestownbpu.com or by clicking the “Access BPU Account” link under “Quick Links” in the upper right hand corner of the homepage, and following directions.

All online users will need their BPU customer numbers to register. The customer number includes the six digits beginning with the number one (1) that appears after the dash of the account number printed on the bill.

An e-check works similar to a paper check, but without the need for a check to actually be written and processed by the recipient’s bank. When the customer authorizes an e-check payment, it is processed as a debit transaction using the routing and account number of the checking account. The amount that is debited by this transaction is then transferred to the BPU account in much the same ways as if a paper check had been written.

To provide feedback or to request assistance with the process, customers may contact Customer Service at 661-1660 or Communications at 661-1680.

No SMOKING on BPU Property

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