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“Cents for St. Susan’s” campaign.
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Jamestown BPU Water Department Building on Buffalo St.
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Jamestown BPU Employee, Dave Paterniti.
Jamestown BPU Employee, Steve Wahlstrom
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BPU Join Us in Jamestown Sign.
Moving? Be sure to leave your recycling bin at the house. Recycling bins are assigned to a specific address.
JBPU Line Dept.
JBPU Line Dept.
JBPU Complex at 92 Steele St.
Jamestown BPU Employee, Steve Wahlstrom.
Jamestown BPU Wastewater Treatment Plant Filters.
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Jamestown BPU, Dow Street T-3 Transformer
Jamestown BPU
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BPU Join Us in Jamestown Sign.
An example of a 2015 yardwaste sticker.

The business office is located at:
92 Steele Street Jamestown, NY

The mailing address is:
P.O. Box 700
Jamestown, NY 14702-0700

Our telephone number is:
(716) 661-1660

Office hours are:
9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Thursday, Friday


Legal Notice

Regular Unleaded Gasoline, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and All Weather Diesel Fuel

  • Sealed bids will be received by the officers of the Board of Public Utilities, City of Jamestown, New York, at its 92 Steele Street office until 1:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time, October 17, 2016, for furnishing regular unleaded gasoline, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and all weather diesel fuel.

  • Water Hydrants, Pipe and Valves

  • Sealed bids will be received by the officers of the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), City of Jamestown, New York, at its 92 Steele Street office until 1:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time, October 14, 2016 for Water Hydrants, Pipe and Valves.

  • Fittings, Valve Boxes and Elbows

  • Sealed proposals will be received by the officers of the Board of Public Utilities, City of Jamestown, New York, at its 92 Steele Street office until 1:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time, October 14, 2016, for Fittings, Valve Boxes and Elbows.

  • Download specifications and bid forms.


    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Public Utilities, City of Jamestown, New York, that on March 27, 2015, it issued and filed with the Public Service Commission of the State of New York revised leaves to its Schedule for Electric Service, P.S.C. No. 7 - Electric becoming effective as of March 1, 2016.The new rates are intended to provide a rate increase of 1.69% based on retail sales revenue.

    Download Legal Notice detailing new Rates and Charges

    Print the Agreement between Jamestown Board of Public Utilities and IBEW Local Union 459

    Jamestown BPU News

    Jamestown BPU Issues 2015 Annual Water Quality Report

    The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has issued its annual water quality report for the year 2015.

    Each year, the BPU prepares this required report, designed to provide consumers with information on the quality and testing of the water delivered by the utility’s water system.

    The report is available with one click at www.jamestownbpu.com/about/news/AWQR2015 or by accessing a link on the right side of the home page (www.jamestownbpu.com) under “Publications.”

    To request a hard copy of the annual water quality report, call BPU Communications at 661-1680.


    Please slow down around work zones to protect the safety of employees as well as other vehicles and pedestrians who may be in the area of a work project.

    Employees set up caution zones to alert drivers to take care when driving past work that takes place in or near a street.

    However, some drivers choose to ignore the warnings and speed by.

    In some cases, traffic proceeds down a closed street even though signs and cones indicate that a street is closed.

    No driver wants to receive a traffic ticket or, worse, to cause the injury of a BPU worker.

    Employees are authorized to report unsafe driving behavior to police.

    Traffic tickets have been given for reckless driving in a work zone. Please “slow down to go around.”

    Jamestown BPU “Cents for St. Susan’s” Campaign Raises New Record Amount of Donations for Soup Kitchen
    St Susan's picture.

    Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) major donors and employeees met Wednesday to celebrate a record total raised by the community for the 2016 BPU “Cents for St. Susan’s” campaign.

    The BPU fund drive this year reached a new amount of $18,016 raised to benefit St. Susan Center, surpassing the 2015 record total of $17,410.

    The amount of money contributed in 2016 brings the cumulative amount raised, in seventeen years of BPU campaigns, to $178,134.55.
    Download press release to read more

    Pay Here


    Flushing Picture.

    BPU Fall Flushing of Water Lines to Begin September 30, Weather-Permitting; Falconer Pre-Flush September 30

    The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Water Division announces that fall flushing of water mains will begin with a pre-flush in Falconer on Friday, September 30, and with complete flushing in Falconer on Saturday, October 1. Flushing in the rest of the BPU water system takes place from 8 p.m. – 4 a.m. Sunday, October 2, through Thursday, October 13, weather permitting. Click to read more

    Flushing begins:
    Saturday, October 1, 2016
    Download 2016 Flushing Map.

    Click below to view Flushing maps:

    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - September 30, 2016 through October 2, 2016
    Sunday Night- October 2, 2016
    Monday Night - October 3, 2016
    Tuesday Night - October 4, 2016
    Wednesday Night - October 5, 2016
    Thursday NIght - October 6, 2016
    Sunday Night - October 9, 2016
    Monday Night - October 10, 2016
    Tuesday Night - October 11, 2016
    Wednesday - October 12, 2016
    Thursday Night - October 13, 2016

    *On the Flushing maps, the light-blue dots are the hydrants where flushing may effect the water supply.

    Donate Blood at the BPU Community Blood Bank October 6

    The public is invited to donate blood at the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Community Blood Bank Blood Drive set for 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Thursday, October 6, at the BPU Education Room, 92 Steele St., Jamestown.

    Donors may access the BPU Bloodmobile by entering the “D” driveway at 92 Steele Street to reach the BPU parking lot. Facing the building from the parking lot, one should enter the Visitor Entrance (the right door under the green awning) beside the BPU Customer Service Department, sign in at the window and take the elevator to the first floor.

    Donors will need a picture ID such as a blood donor card or driver’s license. Donors must be in good health and at least 17 years of age. Lunch will be provided free-of-charge to blood donors.

    Walk-ins are welcome. To arrange an advance appointment, call Becky Robbins, BPU Communications Coordinator, at 661-1680.

    Jamestown BPU Feature Article

    BPU’sTampering with Electric Meters Is Dangerous, Leads to Legal Prosecution and Possible Serious Injury or Death

    The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office and the Jamestown and Town of Ellicott Police Departments are teaming up to prosecute individuals who tamper with BPU equipment in an attempt to avoid paying for utility services.

    Tampering brings a “theft of service” charge, along with applicable financial penalties and fees.

    The BPU has seen a recent upswing in both water and electric meter tampering, according to utility Billing Supervisor Heather DeLong.

    Meter tampering comes in many forms. The most common method is to remove the meter seal by a customer in order to reconnect service after it has been disconnected for non-payment. Customers also have stolen electricity meters, drilled meter boxes and attached jumper wires to bypass a meter. Others have attempted to make meters register less than the amount of electricity actually used.

    “Theft of electricity is not just illegal,” says BPU Transmission and Distribution Manager Chris Rodgers. “It also is very dangerous.”

    “BPU employees are highly trained to work with electricity and have the knowledge, tools and equipment to do it safely. One wrong move by an untrained individual can lead to serious injury or death,” explains Rodgers. “Stealing electric meters, for instance, leaves open access to energized equipment creating a threat to public safety.”

    Acting Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson notes that theft of service is a class A misdemeanor. With a second offense or with theft in excess of $1,000, he says, the charge becomes a class E felony.

    “The District Attorney’s Office is fully supportive of prosecuting these cases in Chautauqua County,” adds Swanson who formerly prosecuted these types of cases when working in the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.

    “We are involved in and committed to arrests of this nature,” said Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings. “While tampering with utility equipment is illegal and costly for the BPU and its customers, it is a public safety issue as well. We hope to prevent accidents caused by such thefts and eliminate any tampering from occurring.”

    “Attempting to steal services or equipment impacts all of our customers,” states BPU General Manager David L. Leathers. “When one customer steals electricity or water service, ultimately all other customers pay for that theft with increased utility rates in the future.”

    “We also are gravely concerned about the dangerous safety situation created as a result of such illegal actions,” continues Leathers. “Meter tampering which leaves access to live open wires could result in serious injury or death. We urge all customers to leave utility meters alone.”

    “Piping Hot,” a new BPU e-newsletter for our District Heating customers.

    The electronic newsletter will be mailed to District Heating customers twice a year, updating them on new District Heat developments and providing maintenance tips for customers. Download "Piping Hot" Newsletter

    Energy Efficiency Programs

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